We have a variety of worship styles including contemporary, traditional liturgical, and creative liturgical. As you enter the church the ushers will greet you and hand you the bulletin anouncements for the week, and service for the day.    

The worship service begins by welcoming and greeting each other, and then we have an opening hymn or song. Every service includes singing, about a 15 minute message, prayers, confession and absolution (forgiveness of sins) and other elements of worship. Some services include a brief children's talk. Services typically last 50-60 minutes.

Holy Communion is served on the 1st and 2nd Sundays, with the first Sunday usually at the altar and the second Sunday usually walk through. Occasionally there will be a Baptism at the beginning of the service.  

The contemporary services (3rd and 5th Sundays of the month) are printed in the bulletin and projected on the screen. Some Sundays we celebrate with a special service that is printed in the bulletin. Other Sundays we use the liturgy in the hymnal. Some services include an anthem by the choir or Sunday School, and occasionally a chancel drama.

After the service refreshments are served in the fellowship room. Many people stay and enjoy the fellowship. Some attend Bible Study or Sunday School and all are welcomed and encouraged to do so.

The main parking lot is on the east side of the church. There is a smaller parking lot on the west side of the church. Both include handicapped parking spaces. There is a new addition on the west side of the church which includes fellowship space, new restrooms, office space, and an elevator. Enter the west door to use the elevator to avoid the steps up to the narthex or down to the basement.

Pease join us for worship and for other activities through out the week. All are welcome!